This is just the main page.  Click on one of the “Untamed Lessons” to see where I’m at in my journey.  As I figure something out, I’ll post my lesson there.  Eventually, I will unlearn 30 years of taming. 

We all know someone like her.  She’s kind of wild, but not stupidly so.  You won’t see her dancing drunk on a bar, but you might see her beating the shit out of her cheating boyfriends car.  She may blend in nicely at a “Ladies Tea”, but she’s quick to curse you out if you speak to her wrong.  And if it gets too boring, she’s out of there.

She’s untamed.  Sometimes she’s loud and crass, sometimes she’s quiet.  It depends on her mood.

She rules her own life.  What she wants, she gets; whether it be a promotion or a spotless house.  She doesn’t fall into the “Woe is me” type of thinking.  Instead she thinks “How can I get that?” 

And then she does it.

She’s a go getter, a ball buster, a wild and crazy woman. 

We all know someone like that, even if we just see her on TV.  I want to be like her.

How can I do that? 


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